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The siprad (Radiotherapy Planning Information System) offers radiotherapy hospitals and clinics a complete solution for radiotherapy treatment focusing on the management and planning stages of cancer treatment.


Lyria PACS

Lyriapacs is a complete radiology solution. The system easily communicates with image acquisition equipment and promotes secure storage, transmission and viewing of images.



Lyria PACS RT is focused on storage and availability of images and studies of radiotherapy planning systems. It has web interface for external access to radiotherapy clinics. Integrates with radiological imaging providers.

Brazilian company invited to present technology solution at United Nations

In February 2019, I-medsys was invited by the United Nations (UN) to present its radiotherapy (cancer) treatment solution to a team of experts in Vienna - Austria as an innovative solution. for developing countries.

What do our customers say?

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"In addition to the lower cost: a remote database, which uses the cloud computing system, and the ability to perform the remote planning task via the web."

- Phd. Harley Oliveira Radiotherapist.

With i-medsys we integrate all municipal health posts. Radiological film printing is no longer needed and doctors can access all images from a single computer with internet access.

- Ms. Paulo Brisotti Administrator.

With Lyria PACS we integrate all our services in a single external portal. All image management is tied to a local cloud-backed server.

- Ms. Valter Torrezan Administrator.